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Why Refinance?

Refinancing your home with another lender can be a smart move to help cut your mortgage costs.


If your loan doesn’t suit your lifestyle or personal situation you could be wasting thousands of dollars a year on extra interest and fees.   


Get you a home loan review with White Knight Financial Services, we will explore all your options and recommend the right loan to suit your needs.


What are the common reasons for refinancing?

  • Pay off your mortgage faster


  • Better deal and lower repayments (Could be coming to an end of fixed rate term)


  • Avoid monthly fees and charges


  • Consolidate existing debts (Credit cards, personal loans, etc..)  Cashflow


  • Unlocking Equity


  • Home renovations


  • Flexibility


  • Additional funds to cover school fees


  • Separation (relationship breakdown)


  • Can’t afford my mortgage


  • Credit Impaired


How can we help?


  • We come to you


  • Conduct review and do the leg work for you


  • Provide solutions ensuring you get the right home loan for your circumstances


  • Manage the process from start to finish

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